>About the Autophagy Database
The goal of the Autophagy Database is to provide up-to-date relevant information including protein structure data to researchers of autophagy, and to disseminate important findings to a wider audience so that their ramifications can be appreciated. For this purpose, we strive to make the database to contain as much pertinent information as possible and to make the contents freely available in a user-friendly format.
We would greatly appreciate your participation so that this undertaking would involve more people, promote the digestion of the subject, and provide nourishment for all users.
This database has been supportedby by the Targeted Proteins Research Program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan.

K.Homma, K.Suzuki and H.Sugawara
Nucleic Acids Research Volume 39 (Database issue, January 1, 2011): D986-D990
The numbers of autophagy-related proteins and structures available in this database. (January. 18, 2017)
typenumber of proteins
orthologous(NCBI orthologs pipeline)7722
homologous(Homolo Gene)1710
homologous(homology prediction from GTOP)42007
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